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I'm a busy bee! :D
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Hello, Hello, Hello! And welcome to my... page! I'm your friendly little artist (well, something of that nature) on deviantart!

I'm *obviously* an ultra-amateur artist (I draw animal people!) by trade, only using a firm grasp of self-taught knowledge... from childhood, and I hope to better myself one day (well, maybe in many years hahaha)! Optimism! Adorable isn't it? :la:

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The Northern Wolf and his Sword by CuchulainnsSickbed
The Northern Wolf and his Sword
Because the old ways best the new...

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? Well I certainly hope so because I've been missing for a year to complete THIS :) You heard it, it took me literally an year to work on this picture because I had fiddled around so much with various resources to (hopefully) improve my quality of art! (Actually, 6 months of research and 6 months of experimenting and actually drawing/coloring haha) And by 'resources', I actually mean tutorial videos, learning from the experts, and even borrowing books from many places! So, as you can tell, I'm kind of proud with my self in finishing this picture! It was quite the challenge!

Also, this is the first picture that I have actually colored with a new photoshop-like program called PaintStorm (which you probably have seen around here on DA), and my goodness was it an amazing program! I plan on using it as my default "painting tool" and stop using GIMP as I had previously done so :)

However, somethings I wanted to pointed out: firstly, NO THIS PICTURE IS NOT A REFERENCE TO THE GAME OF THRONES! Despite the medieval theme of the picture and the reference to "The North", it was by no means any reference to the book(s)/show or to George RR Martin's works (or to House Stark and its "wolves"). I will admit though that I had been influenced and used various references from the show to help me draw this picture. Although, come to think of it, I think I made the outfit too medieval than expected (I'll have to make note of this when I decide to work on the outfits again in the future)

Secondly, I tried to experiment in working with lighting and unfortunately, I'm still an amateur as it seems; I tried to incorporate some light effects for the boots and clothes to give it the "wrinkly" effect and while it seems fine to some degree, something about it makes me... uncomfortable about it :p but I digress!

Finally, I realize that most of my character work has been figures standing in a very similar position; I didn't want to experiment to much on pose at the moment because it seemed that every time I drew a character in this stance, something always looked off and I wanted to keep on fixing it until it changed. I suppose now is the time that I change the stances/poses! (This much I promise)

Anyhow! Enough of the little story of what has been happening for me, let's get to the picture, shall we?

So, here's a Wolf from one armies of the Northern Kingdoms (It was called Luna before, but I plan on changing that very soon) in his "standard uniform" (Not battle uniform) wielding the trademark "lunar steel blade" (which is said to rival Avalon's steel) and pretty much ready for battle =p This soldier belongs to one of the many factions fighting against a rebellion in a story of mine (I was thinking of calling it "War Banners" but that's still a work in progress!) in a time where they use both firearms and swords. 

Now you're probably wondering, "Wait swords? Didn't you remember not to bring a knife to a gunfight?" Well, one of the greatest advantages the animals have over humans (who use firearms) is their natural abilities, such as incredible speed and double strength compared to humans. Like all animals, wolves are very quick and when attacking in "packs", they can quickly overrun any attacker and run them through because let's face it, we humans are weak without our brains and our guns. They do use firearms, however, but they mostly prefer to charge and slice their enemies; also, technology-wise, the Northern Kingdoms (and the other animals besides Avalon) are very behind because they're not really wealthy or developed enough to pursue scientific breakthroughs (and because their religion has a lot of restrictions that prevent effective research/funding), hence the medieval culture. The animals hold a very dear philosophy and that is that "the old ways are better than the new ones", which also applies to combat and their way of life.

Notes: PLEASE VIEW THE PICTURE IN FULL VIEW. For some reason, it ruins the shading if viewed at a shrunken level
Hello my beautiful visitors and watchers! :) How have you all been doing? Me? Oh I'm great! Except... I've been busy with so many essentials! 

Now couple of things I wanted to bring up to people worrying my extreme absence (which I am dreadfully sorry for!), I've been working part time as a baker, a full-time school boy and a hobbyist architect (no lie, I'm in the process of building a home for myself actually; I've been working as of late so I could build a little cottage for one!)! :O I've also been taking some steps to improve my artwork, considering I look at it everyday and realize something is wrong... which in a way isn't too much of a bad thing, considering it's what seems to help me find the will to improve! =p  But really, on a serious note, the upcoming year of 2015 and this winter is definitely going to be a game changer for me here, since I'm planning to bring some HUGE CHANGES to how I do things in art! As you can tell, I'm still an amateur (well, more like an ultra-newbie but that's up to the public) and I'm still taking baby steps to improve what I do! Although, personally, I feel like a reached some huge milestones considering I was really messy with things in the past (something to celebrate everyday for me at least!) :p Hoping to see some great things in the future! Just need to figure out how to get there of course!

Well, that's my story! Can't say I'm back, because I was really never gone! =p

Oh by the way, if you start seeing some pictures vanishing from my gallery and see shaded boxes instead, don't be alarmed because I was hoping to put away some "old art" in storage; reasons for this... I can't say, but you can say it's to "make way" for the newer stuff in the future (my old pictures and my newer ones really don't go together in this world)...
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